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Reservation Policies

Children’s policies:

All the children from 0 to 2 years old will be considered courtesy.

For children from 03 to 09 years old, they will have a pay US$12.30. (Taxes are included) for the breakfast.

In case of more than one child in the room, the second (0-9 years old) will be considered an adult.

Children from 10 years old will be considered adults.

In case of additional meals, the children will have a 50% off under the regular rate.

Cancelation’s policies: *Charge
30 or more days before the arrival.0%
29 to 15 days before the arrival 50%
14 to 0 days before the arrival. 100%

* The charge is the average under the total of the reservation which will be penalized and must be paid to the hotel.

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